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Go to the download page to obtain version 4.0 as a zipped file. (Version 3.0 is still available if you cannot use PHP scripts.)

JS Quiz Maker v. 4.0 (30-Mar-11) This latest upgrade to JS Quiz Maker introduces a PHP script for emailing the results from a web-based quiz in a more secure fashion. (Due to a length limitation on the name of a form element, the email message that is generated has only the question number and the test-taker's selected answer. The whole question is not reproduced in the email.) Several other improvements have also been added, such as a revised tutorial, and an updated icon was developed. These version was developed with the move to the new "Ed Tech by Bowman" web site.

JS Quiz Maker v. 3.0 (24-Aug-06) Version 3.0 of JS Quiz Maker includes the possibility that users may create a pool of quizzes of a similar nature that will then be selected at random to be displayed for each person who takes a self test. The questions file is the same as in version 2, but with the file name of "questions-1.js", "questions-2.js", etc. Thus one can easily upgrade to version 3 by downloading and using the new quiz engine and renaming the existing "questions.js" file to "questions-1.js" without changing it.

JS Quiz Maker v. 2.11 (17 August 2006)
JS Quiz Maker v. 2.1 (18 March 2005)
JS Quiz Maker v. 2.0 (15 March 2005)
The version 2.0 update of JS Quiz Maker includes a significant number of new and improved components. In fact there are so many changes that all users should upgrade to version 2 and should not try to patch their quizzes to match the new version. (Version 2.1 and 2.11 introduce only minor changes.)

However, the "questions.js" files that worked with version 1.1 and above will still work with verson 2. Users are urged to upgrade their quiz files themselves to take advantage of several improvements in how quizzes are graded and how the files can be edited with WYSIWYG web editors.

JS Quiz Maker v. 1.13 (3 March 2005)
JS Quiz Maker v. 1.12 (16 June 2003)
JS Quiz Maker v. 1.11 (6 June 2003)

JS Quiz Maker v. 1.1 (5 March 2003)
JS Quiz Maker v. 1.0 (31 January 2003)

If users of any of these previous versions or even an earlier un-numbered version of JS Quiz Maker have questions or concerns, please contact the author, Richard L. Bowman.

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