This course will introduce students to the sacred text for Christians, the Bible. We will explore the New Testament of the Bible in its cultural and religious context including background from the Old Testament. This will enable us to better understand what it meant to the people to whom it was written and thus to learn what it might mean to Christian believers today in different countries and cultures.


A. Reading

Read the following material in the Bible, and other material provided by Dr. Bowman, before the date listed. From time to time there will be a short reading quiz given at the beginning of class on the date shown to motivate students to read the material.

Date Assigned Sections of the Bible
Fri. Feb. 12 Matthew 1 & 2.
Fri. Feb. 12 The Wikipedia article on the Albanian Bible versions as noted in the class handout. Also read the last article about the recently rediscovered Bible manuscripts here in Albania.

B. Homework

Here is where your assignments will be recorded, such as homework and papers exploring what you believe or think and what the text in the Bible might say to its readers.

Date Assigned Date Due Description
Fri. Feb. 5 Fri. Feb. 12 Read the assigned chapters; write a short paper describing what you believe about God.
Fri. Feb. 12 Fri. Febl. 19 (1) Re-read the assigned chapters and read the other reading assignments listed above; (2)be prepared to share a short biography of the person you chose from Jesus' genealogy; (3) click on the informaiton form, fill it out and submit it.
Fri. Feb. 19 Fri. Feb. 26 Completete HW-3 on Bible translations and versions.


  1. The Bible in two languages (English and Albanian) are the  textbooks for this course. Each student should have these in either printed form or as an app on a smartphone or a tablet. The English version must be the New International Version and the Albanian one will most likely be the one that is in the public domain and the one usually printed. Both of these are also available at BibleGateway.com with other sources listed on the class handout.
  2. A pdf reader will be needed to read online resosurces in pdf format.
  3. A notebook in which to write notes from class is an important item to bring to class each day.
  4. A complete syllabus is available listing all objectives and grading criteria and scheme.


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