This course is designed to introduce students to some of the basic concepts underlying our present understanding of the mathematical models that describe our physical universe. Together you as a class and I as the teacher can make an interesting and informative course. So let's do this journey together.

First assignment: Fill out and submit this information form. This will be included as a homework grade.


  1. Three open-source e-books are the textbooks for this course. They was developed by various educators and scientists. Please download the books in pdf format and save them to your computer or tablet.
    Primary Textbook: Light and Matter 
    Secondary Textbooks #1: Peoples Physics Book-Basic 
    Secondary Textbooks #2: Peoples Physics Book-v3-videos
    These are also available on the computers you will use at Lezha Academic Center. They will be inside a folder on the desktop labeled "PHYS_11."
  2. A pdf reader will be needed to read the books in pdf format. The standard program is Adobe Acrobat Reader, and it is a FREE global program! You do not have to download Chrome web browser unless you want to do so. 
  3. A notebook in which to write notes from class is an important item to bring to class each day.
  4. Also, a scientific calculator will be needed in class for working problems, when taking quizzes or exams, and for homework. Dr. Bowman or Mr. Beachy can point you to places to purchase such a calculator at a reasonable price.
  5. A complete syllabus is available listing all objectives and grading criteria and scheme.


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