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Birds & Other Animals Blog

As I finally get back to posting pictures after a time of recovery from my back surgery, please join me in enjoying a variety of birds and even a Gray Squirrel.

(Last photos were added on 14-Jan-17.)


Flowers & Other Plants Blog

Take a survey of the flowers I have seen in the past year. Hopefully the sampling in this post will show us all how much beauty we have around us if we look for it.

(Last photos were added on 17-Oct-16.)


Landscapes & Other Venues Blog

If the photos are not landscapes, they must be of other venues. And that is the case in the ones I posted today. Take a look and enjoy. 

(Last photos were added on 23-Sep-15.)


Trains Blog

For another dozen or so photos of trains (engines and cars) at the Norfolk and Southern yard, check out today's blog. I also have included a short video. 

(Last photos were added on 17-Sep-15-15.)


Living in Albania Blog

As I sorted through some photos the other day, I found some to share with my faithful readers. Take a look at them and also read a bit about our life these past few weeks.

(Latest photos were added on 28-Sep-16.)


Return Visit to Belize Blog

Last fall (September 2012), we returned to Belize after being gone for 39 years. View this blog for photos from our return visit, including two of the ferry I cranked across the Belize River.

(Latest photos were added on 26-Feb-13.)


Check back often to see more photographs of nature and other venues. I'll try to post a new photo or two at least once a week in one or more of these blogs.

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