January 28, 2013

More Birds for January

Late afternoon yesterday (Sunday) I took a few photos of birds on the electrical wire behind our house and in a distant tree. Always something to try and capture.

Starlings in a tree

Starlings in a Distant Tree (27-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

How better to keep warm than to ruffle one's feathers. Maybe that is what minor spats are for in human relationships. Nah, I don't' think so!

Mourning Dove on electric wire

Mourning Dove on Electric Wire (27-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman)  

On Friday morning (Jan. 25) I was out on the deck (Harrisonburg, VA, USA) taking some more photos of birds at the feeders and in the trees nearby. I wanted to see if I could stay long enough that being this close would not spook them. Lo and behold, when I worked on the photos on my computer, I discovered that I had a bird I don't believe I had captured previously.

Carolina Wren 

Carolina Wren (25-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

But I'm still having difficulty trying to focus on the birds sitting in the midst of tree limbs.

Purple Finches 

Male (top) and Female Purple Finches (25-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman)  

January 26, 2013

Animals from the Past Six Months

Below are several photos I have taken in the past few months. Unless otherwise identified, the photos were taken on our home property in Harrisonburg, VA, USA. The are presented in reverse chronological order.

Junco, Purple Finch, Junco 

Junco, Female Purple Finch and Junco (24-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman)  


Junco in the Snow (24-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Female House Finch 

Female House Finch (24-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker 

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker (22-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker 

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker (22-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 


Junco (22-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Squirrel in a Tree 

Squirrel in a Tree (19-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Male House Finch and Male House Sparrow 

Male House Finch and Male House Sparrow (12-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Male House Finch 

Male House Finch (12-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Female House Sparrow 

Female House Sparrow (11-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Squirrel on Groupd 

Squirrel on Ground (11-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

White-tailed Deer 

White-tailed Deer (26-Aug-12; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Check back often. I'll try to post new photos at least once a week.

--©2013, Richard L. Bowman

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