February 26, 2013

Visiting Belize

Elise and I lived for three years in Belize (1970-73), and had not been back since we left. But Belize has always had a special place in our hearts. So after our retirement in 2012, we made a return visit from September 20-October 1, 2012. Below are a few photos from there. Visit my other two nature blogs and my return visit page for more photos.

BelCan bridge in Belize City

BelChina Bridge over the Belize River, Belize City, Belize  (29-Sep-12; © Richard L. Bowman)

In the early 1970's, there were only two bridges in the main part of Belize City--the Swing Bridge and the BelCan Bridge. The BelChina Bridge lays mid-way between them and was built more recently. 

Cahal Pech Mayan ruins, Cayo, Belize 

Cahal Pech Mayan ruins, Cayo, Belize  (27-Sep-12; © Richard L. Bowman)

Numerous Maya ruins dot the Belizean landscape, and in the 70's we visited two of the major ones--Al Tun Ha and Xunantunich. The above photo is from a more recently excavated location, Cahal Pech.  

hardware store display

hardware store display 

Color in a hardware store, Spanish Lookout, Belize  (27-Sep-12; © Richard L. Bowman)

PVC "man" 

A "PVC man" in a hardware store, Spanish Lookout, Belize  (27-Sep-12; © Richard L. Bowman)

Even our modern technology can be used to create interesting aesthetic compositions. At least the ones above seemed so to me! 

February 20, 2013

Mulling Over the Maul

I just had to share this pun. And for those of you with a touch of physics in your background, here is a question for you. Does chopping wood involve physics work or physical work or both?

Anyway, this is a photo from the wood pile and my maul outside of our shed in the backyard of our home. I do get warm twice this way--when I split the wood and when it burns in our wood stove.

Woodpile and Maul

Our Wood Pile and Splitting Maul, Harrisonburg , VA, USA  (20-Feb-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

February 12, 2013

Staring at the Wall

I have always liked the brick work we had done for our chimney when we built our house more than 24 years ago. So, since there are not a lot of interesting greenery outside, here is our chimney. You can say that I have been staring at the wall too long, but then again there might be something at least interesting about it.

Bricks of our chimney

The Brick Work of the Chimney for our Wood Stove, Harrisonburg , VA, USA  (12-Feb-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

February 11, 2013

Winter--Dark Clouds and Barren Landscapes

I enjoy my winters cold and snowy. But if I can't have that, then at least interesting cloud formations and barren landscapes will do. The first one below was taken from the parking lot of the BP-gas-station/McDonalds/convenience-store at Exit 200 on I-81 (about 45 miles south of Harrisonburg, VA). Notice how our energy-hungry culture invades even this tree-dominated setting.

mountinas from Exit 200 on I-81 in Virginia

Evergreen Trees and Barren Trees, Fairfield , VA, USA  (11-Feb-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

The next one was taken from our north-facing side porch in Harrisonburg. The dark clouds contrast with the sun-lit south-side of our neighbors' homes.

dark winter clouds

Dark Clouds and Sun-lit Houses, Harrisonburg, VA, USA  (5-Feb-13; © Richard L. Bowman) 

February 6, 2013

Feeding My Inner Landscape

I enjoy eating and observing good food. OK, mostly eating good food! While my inner happiness and peace are gifts from God, I do appreciate the sense of well-being that comes with eating good food--and food of many cuisines.

Being the second child, and second boy, in a family of six children and two parents, I learned early how to bake and cook for a large family. A lot of it was learned from the Pennsylvania Dutch (German, really) culture in which I grew up in Lancaster County, PA, USA. The eggs shown below were made from my mother's recipe passed unto me. And these eggs were sitting in the vinegar broth for several days to give them a true flavor

Pickled Red Beets and Eggs

Pickled Red Beets and Eggs, Harrisonburg, VA, USA  (30-Jul-12; © Richard L. Bowman) 

February 3, 2013

Landscapes, etc., from the Past Six Months

Below are several photos I have taken in the past few months. The are presented in reverse chronological order.

Moon through a Tree 

The Moon Seen through a Tree, Harrisonburg, VA, USA  (24-Jan-13; © Richard L. Bowman)  


Campfire at Camp Tuk-A-Way, Blacksburg, VA, USA (8-Sep-12; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Blue Jay Feather on Deck

Feather from a Blue Jay on Our Deck, Harrisonburg, VA, USA (31-Aug-12; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Winding Trail 

Winding Trail, Blacksburg, VA, USA (19-Aug-12; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Blue Ridge-Harrisonburg VA USA 

Blue Ridge Mountains, Harrisonburg, VA, USA (4-Aug-12; © Richard L. Bowman) 

Check back from time to time, and check my other nature blogs--animals (mainly birds) and flowers. I'll try to post new photos here once a month or so.

--©2013, Richard L. Bowman

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