I. Purpose

These simulations (and the associated exploration activities) were mainly written by Dr. Richard L. Bowman, professor of physics, at Bridgewater College in Virginia, USA, and have been used by him and other professors and teachers in physics and astronomy courses. The goal of the project continues to be to develop web-based simulations (with exercises) that are interactive visualizations of scientific concepts. While designed primarily for high school and college students, these activities have also been used by lay person with some scientific literacy.

The simulations that are part of this Phys-Astro Sims site were originally written for the project entitled ISAW (pronounced "I saw") but have since been transferred to this site.  

II. Current Simulations and Associated Activities

New and revised simulations and laboratory exercises will be developed and added to this site as time allows. Check back from time to time to see what has been changed. Report all problems to the email address given below.

III. Using The Activities

These simulations may be used directly from this Edt Tech by Bowman site. However, if they are to be used in a classroom/laboratory setting, then the instructor may wish to copy them to their own server. Permission is hereby granted to do such copying if the hyperlinks to Phys-Astro Sims and the author(s) are left intact. Check back often at the Phys-Astro Sims site so as to have available the latest version of each activity on your own server.


The above simulations were tested using the latest versions (and many earlier versions, too) of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Maxthon. and the simulations all worked fine. If you have a problem, please report it tio the address below. BUT beware of the following requirements.

IV. Other Physics Simulations

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V. Contact Info

Richard L. Bowman, PhD
937 College Ave.
Harrisonburg, VA 22802


(540) 434-0892