two persons in a Zoom meeting
How about you and I having a Zoom meeting?

September 26, 2020

How to Participate in a Meeting in Zoom

And now I have even completed a tutorial on getting around in a Zoom meeting,  So, check out both tutorials.

 Please let me know if you find misspelling or anything else I need to correct. My central vision is just a bit better than being legally blind, for which I am very thankful to God. It could be worse. 

September 14, 2020

How to Enter a Meeting in Zoom

I have now completed the tutorial on the basics of participating in one's first Zoom meeting.  So, check back here.

There is always more to learn, so ask others how they do things with Zoom and check back here to see if I have posted any other resources.

September 14, 2020

Restarting My Ed Tech Blog, Again!!

For some time I have realized I should and wanted to restart my ed tech blog page where I cover assistance and comments on all ussues tech related with a special emphasis on educationa uses of technology. Effective teaching and learning has been important to me for some time, and now it seems that with the pandemic, virtual classrooms are abundant. However, this does not mean that the medium is being used as effectively as it could be. So, I'm putting my feet in the water again.

September 3, 2015

Adjust the HTML and CSS Code for Web Page Viewing on Mobile Devices

In addition to the article I posted at the beginning of August, I have now completed and re-edited a short one on some necessary changes that need to be made to the HTML and CSS files for web pages to look good as they are resized to be viewed on mobile devices. The changes are not hard to make and seem to work very well. Read the article, "Adjusting Web Page Coding for Mobile Devices" and give the coding a try.

August 6, 2015

Revitalizing and Restarting My Ed Tech Blog and Web Site

During the past couple of months, I have been actively remodeling this web site, and now I have tackled restarting this blog. While my goal is the same, to provide useful and motivational ideas to enhance the use of technology for more effective education, the method will be slightly different.

text file displayed on a Kindle e-reader
A course web page is displayed on a Kindle Fire through its web browser Silk.

Instead of trying to write a blog entry at least every week, I will be trying to do more in-depth articles. I will try to get a new article out at least once a month. The article I am beginning with discusses the file formats that teachers  need to be acquainted with so they can make materials that can be read on any of the mobile devices our students might have--smartphones, tablets, etc. The article is entitled "Easy File Creation for Mobile Devices" .

Also, I have updated several annotated lists of links related to generating and using technology for effective education. One is a list of resources which I have authored and from which I have gained some useful insights relating to educational technology. It can be accessed from the link to "More Resources" on the navigation bar above or by clicking here.

The other list of resources directly relates to how to construct and evaluate effective web sites. This deals with good design and how to use the tools of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more as you author the materials you want available for your students and colleagues.

Let me know what you think of this updated site. All of the  new pages should be very readable on mobile devices. However, I still have to update the PhysAstro Sims and the Moodle Assists web pages. They should keep me busy for sometime.

--Richard L. Bowman; © 2015

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